How to Keep Frogs, Chipmunks, Lizards and Other Animals Out of Your Swimming Pool

  • Saves Native Wildlife
  • Over 95% Effective
  • Easy to Use
  • Keeps Water Clean
  • Eliminates Bacteria from Animals
  • Reduces Pool Maintenance
  • Makes Unique Gift for Pool Owners
A frog using the FrogLog to escape a swimming pool
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How it Works

Once a frog, mouse, or other animal falls into a swimming pool, they instinctively swim toward the pool wall trying to escape. The animal will circle around the edge of the pool looking for a way out. The animal will bump into the FrogLog, climb up the platform, climb the mesh ramp, and exit the swimming pool. Some animals will use the FrogLog as a visual clue for escape and swim towards it.

Works for most animals up to one pound: frogs snakes mice chipmunks ducklings toads lizards birds salamanders bats insects and squirrels